Custom fantasy schedule

Hey guys quick question, I run a 12 team league and looking to change our schedule up alittle bit. Right now we play all of our division games weeks 1-3 and 10-13. I’m looking to change it up by mixing everything into the regular season but i don’t really want 1 week to be all divisions game 6 weeks out of the year. I would like it how the NFL does it. I’m on football guys website but they just have straight forward schedules. Anyone know how I can get this done?

Typically week 17 is all in-division games. In your league If divisions affect the playoffs and I was designing the schedule I would make the last week of the reg season all in-div games.

That said, easiest way to achieve exactly what you want is to build it yourself in a Google sheet and then configure your league accordingly.

They have it set up to try and avoid bye weeks for division games. Most fantasy playoffs start on week 13 so the last 3 weeks are div games leading to the playoffs.