CUT Benjamin or CJ Anderson?

Because of a two for one trade I have to cut a player, either C.J. Anderson (I don’t have CMC) or Kelvin Benjamin? I’m comfortable with both my RB & WR roster numbers, so who should go?

Benjamin, at the moment i dont know whats going on with the QBs in Buffalo

definitely CJA, backup rb who miiiiiiiiight get goal line work vs the #1 wr who will see targets as the bills will be trailing a lot and his only competition is mccoy on dump offs or charles clay at 600 years old.

I dont like either of them i just think right now with the QB situation in Buffalo that Kelvin has zero value

Depends on your roster depth, I would rather roster Cj Anderson if I was good at the WR spot. Anderson could become valuable if Run CMC went down or if he started getting some first and second down work at a spell. Not sure what Benjamin’s game ceiling would be as their WR #1, it would almost seem he would need a TD to be fantasy relevant. But then again Anderson would need CMC to go down to be fantasy relevant but if that were to happen he would become wildly valued. So look at your roster depth and make a gut call.

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Cut Anderson. Easy decision.

Benjamin is the only receiving option, regardless of how bad that team will be. This time last year, we thought the same of the jets and anderson emerged. Even bad teams produce fantasy starters.

Aye don’t sleep on Zay Jones. Kerley is a bum and Clay can be decent

Zay Jones is literally the least efficient WR in the history of the NFL. His like 0.95 yards per target ranks last out of any WR in the last 5 years.

That dream is dead my man. Rostering 2 of the leagues worst QBs isn’t going to help him either.

I know everyone is down on the Bills but looking at their defensive depth chart it’s not bad. They may not be throwing as much as you think…