Cut Em Week 1

I have to cut either M Godwin or C Sutton for a Defense…this is a lame question but I’m struggling with it bc the guys have talked stash on Sutton and Godwin finished strong last year…what would you do?

We are a 3 wr and 1 flex roster

if it’s a keeper league I really like the appeal of Sutton. He has looked pretty good and has locked up the third WR spot. This is DT’s last year under contract as well.

Nope redraft…full ppr

depending on your wr depth, and a need for a starter I would stash sutton.

Baldwin Watkins c Davis W Fuller D Moore M Williams

I would cut Moore or Williams over both Goodwin and Sutton. I don’t think cutting Goodwin should even be a possibility, he is a must own. Sutton’s upside higher than both Moore and Williams this season I personally think. I would cut Moore, Williams, Sutton, Fuller in that order.

Godwin…not Goodwin…autocorrect changed it every time, just nkw realized it

I’d cut Mike Williams, then Sutton, then Moore before I cut Godwin in redraft.