Cut? Moore, Benjamin, Sutton?

Who do I cut from my bench in this 4 keeper standard (no ppr) league? I need a kicker for Week 1, and my bench WRs are the weakest guys so far. Names on the chopping block are DJ Moore, Kelvin Benjamin, or Courtland Sutton.

It’s a close call, but I’m set at starting WRs, so I almost feel like Benjamin is the cut because the other guys have long-term upside. Then I think about him being the #1 and I tell myself that’s a mistake.

I think Sutton would need to be the cut even though he does have upside. He doesn’t have a clear path to targets and obviously DT & Sanders are the top 2 WRs on that offense. Benjamin is the #1 on his offense even though it will most likely be a bad offense ha.

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Sutton. I like him but I cut him to for Cole because he did flash in pre-season but how many times have we seen that only to have them do zilch in the normal season. I think the Moore will be good because he will get work Sutton might get a little.

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