Cut Pettis for Gore? I have weak RBs

Standard league. I already have Adams, Juju, M. Williams, R. Andersen & M. Jones at WR.

My RBs are Carson, Coleman, Miles Sanders, D. Henderson & J. Jackson.

I’m in a very similar situation. I have Julio, Adams, Woods, and Westbrook along with Oettis and Kirk for WRs…

Buuuuut my RBs are Aaron Jones, Michel, and Ekeler along with Coleman and Montgomery. Thinking I may want to drop Pettis or Kirk for Gore.

I’m leaning towards a yes myself if it helps your decision at all.

Curious… what’s your draft format and where did you pick? This is a standard 10-team league for me and I picked 10th

I’m in a 12-team standard league and I picked 7th. However, Conner, Chubb and Jones were all off the board due to keepers.

I’m thinking I should probably keep Pettis bc I got him in the 13th round and as long as I hold him for 4 weeks, he’ll qualify as a keeper for me next year in the 10th. Probably not worth dropping for Gore.

I’d say you could probably drop Kirk for Gore but it may not be worth it. Gore’s upside just isn’t very high, while the others’ are.