Cut Pettis for

Should I cut Pettis for justice hill or Anthony Miller? I see them as the 2 best available fa’s.
My team qb mahomes, wr Robert woods, Chris Godwin, Josh Gordon, Marvin Jones, Pettis.
Rb Zeke, David Johnson, Lindsay, penny, shady, Pollard. Te Vance

Also available fa wr Crowder, John brown, Sutton, Goodwin (sf), ginn, Albert Wilson, d.k., hardman, boykin, Beasley

Rb Malcolm brown, mike Davis, burkhead, Damien Harris, Darwin Thompson, chase edmonds

I don’t think so, I think Pettis is the most desirable out of all those waiver players. He’s currently the #1 WR while all those other guys have to earn their spots still. If Pettis flops after the first couple weeks then maybe think about dropping him, but until then I would hold him, and would be happily playing him after this week if he is seeing lots of snaps.

What about Marvin Jones? Worth taking a shot with one of those other guys over him? Keeping my eye on golden tate too, he’s available. But not having him on my bench for any more than 2 weeks while suspended.

I think that at this point Marvin Jones is just a better Anthony Miller (WR2 on his team with big play upside). Justice Hill is his team’s RB3 behind Ingram and Gus. If you’re really looking to drop someone, imo it would be Pollard because he’s just a handcuff for you right now. But if it were me I would hold and see how the first week plays out.

I was leaning that way, holding off until week 1 shakes out. Thanks.

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