Cut Quincy Enunwa?

Injured for 3-4 weeks, burning a hole in my roster, do I drop him and let a fool pick him up and ruin his roster, or am I the fool for dropping him?

Depends on your depth and bye week situation. I have Keenan Allen, Michael Thomas and Tyler Boyd so I am putting in a claim and dropping Enunwa. I also have D’Onta Foreman so I am not willing to stash 2 players.

i have Green, Hilton, Fuller, Lockett, Enunwa, and Valdes Scantling. If I drop him I’m picking up a depth RB or using the flexibility for a stream play that’s better than my QB/TE/D

I would say drop him then. You will get by with your top 4. Also, with Full(of injuries)er on your team, dont really have the flexibility to roster Enunwa.