Cut Stafford?

Cut Stafford and pick up Nick Foles for the rest of the season?

i think i would hold until we find out how injured he is

I cut him this weekend but only because i have Brees, and because of WR bye/injury issues

Assuming he is healthy, my model has him projected to be the QB11 rest-of-season. If I’m likely to make the playoffs I would try to hold him if I could if for no other reason than the Week 15 tilt he has with Tampa Bay, making him the projected QB1 that week. You’ll probably want to have another option lined up by Week 16 though, Denver is a really bad match up.

Full projections below for reference or you can go to the link above for full post. Hope that helps. Good luck.

Stafford got cut in my league. I have Goff and Kyle Allen. Going to drop Goff for him. I feel comfortable with Allen weeks 11-14. ATL, @NO, WAS, @ATL. Then Stafford for 15 and probably 16.

Thanks everyone. This is helpful.

Also just realized Kyle Allen is on my ww and matchups look promising for next few weeks.

I concur. Literally just dropped Goff for Stafford.

Really? Can I ask why?