Cut Tate or Sutton

Need help with who to cut in a full PPR: Courtland Sutton or Golden Tate? I have to cut one in order to move an ineligible guy off IR, thanks!

Sutton has more opportunity.
Tate has less opportunity.
Sutton is a deep threat with a QB that dinks and dunks.
Tate has the better QB that has been under performing.
Sutton now has the injury risk.
Tate is healthy.
Sutton has great match ups.
Tate has okay match ups.

It’s a toss up but I’d keep Sutton just because he’s the top WR on the team. I wouldn’t play either.

Thanks, I’m leaning keeping Sutton too. I had to play him last week though when Beckham was inactive. My question now is whether to keep Kerryon Johnson? Very little news on his recovery and I need the bench space!

As of right now, Kerryon hasn’t even been on the practice field since he sprained his knee in week 11. Thinking THIS DOESN’T LOOK GOOD!!! Don’t know that I would drop him…but…prob wouldn’t hurt to keep that thought at the ready and decide who you want to target in case the word comes out that he’s prob not gonna be good to go for a few more weeks… Kinda like…staying one step ahead of everybody!!!