Cut TE spots?

This is random but why do we have a TE spot? With all the variety of lineups and the dropping of K and even DSF. Why don’t we just add a flex rather than have the forced TE?

Is this a thing and I’m just into fantasy enough?

I’ve brought it up in a few of my leagues multiple times, but typically gets shut down by the majority. Some prefer the “advantage” of having a top TE or the strategy of incorporating it into the draft process, but I’d prefer additional flex spot (even just WR/TE) as well.

I think the best option would be to change it to a bonus flex spot and give TE a 1.25x scoring boost - like some daily fantasy sites offer.

Yeah but having the extra flex still brings them in. It’s weird. Having that spot with so few options, funny. Maybe as the K falls away and the DST eventually we get there. LoL

Kickers and Defenses are pretty random, so I can understand not using those slots, but the TE is a valid position where you have some consistently superior performers.

Witness the fact that a lot of teams stream K and/or D, but nobody streams TE.

QB is a more useless position than TE, at least in single QB leagues (but still not as useless as K and D).

I agree with you with the consistent performers but I am going to disagree about the streaming. If you not in that top maybe 6-7 this season you trying a TE and flipping through them. Or holding 2. Which some ppl do with DSF. I have a league where some extra points were added to D to make them more valuable.

Whew man, that QB viewpoint, I did not see coming, what a roller coaster! There are at least more than 12 consistent performers of varying degrees for QBs that contribute? Or are you comparing the positions viability?

It’s just that QB is the new D. There are a lot of them, even on the waiver wire, that all perform about the same, so it doesn’t really matter which one you have. In a lot of cases, the matchup is more important than the player, so streaming QBs can be a viable strategy. That’s not really the case with the other skill positions.

I agree with that 2 a point. There is a group that is above. So, yeah similar to the TE spot but would be harder to remove the QB spot cause of scoring and completely removing the spot cause football.