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Cutler OR Wentz


WEEK 3 which qb to go with?


I really like Wentz and think he may be starting to become a weekly starter.


I prefer Cutler this week because of the match up with Jets. additionally, he may have to pass more because of Ajax not at 100 per cent.


I have Winston and Wentz. I really didn’t believe in Wentz week one so I picked up Palmer as a streamer…Palmer crapped the bed, Wentz goes off. Week 2 Winston is back with all the hype! Wentz is going against a KC defense that gave NE the fits. Winston is meh…Wentz goes off. I’m still not sold on Cutler, only a matter of time before he, “Cutlers”. Wentz is going up against the Giants who look a mess. If the jack rabbit (Jenkins) is back in the secondary week 3, stay clear of Wentz. If he is not, Wentz goes off.