D.Adams+Abdullah for Doug Martin..Thoughts?

I’m trying to get some perspective on this trade!

Could be a league winner for the person getting Martin, but it could also backfire. Martin is legitimately risky.

I would be receiving Martin, I lost DJ and have Gurley but got no RB2

If you have the WR depth to the point that you can spare Adams, this could be a great move. It is risky, but if you lose the 1.01, you need high risk, high reward.

Agreed. For WRs I’d be relying on Keenan Allen and Doug Baldwin with Garcon flexing so I’m reasonably comfortable

Yea, I think that’s a good move then.

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eh idk if I would do it. In your situation I would want a more sure back, and Martin just isn’t that. He could very well end up being Abdullah or less. I would actually try and trade Gurley while his value is very high for someone else. I can see packaging Gurley and a piece to trade up or even trading down with Gurley and getting more depth. Only sell Gurley if the price is right though. Don’t give him up for nothing. Just my $.02

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I actually agree with Swissarmy, I think that trading Gurley high right now is somewhat easy because of recency bias. If I were you, depending on the offers obviously, I would make that trade and then see if I could trade Gurley for another RB

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The price for Gurley would have to be huge. I get that his schedule gets brutal, but the talent is real, and the coaching staff (and OL) is now competent. Martin is certainly a risk, but he looked to be back to form in the preseason. I think his ceiling is several floors higher than Abdullah. It’s a trade that could win a league. Dealing Gurley likely isn’t, unless you can get king’s ransom for him.