D.Adams or Josh Jacobs

Full PPR

My RB situation is gross and Adams is really my only star player… I’ve gone after several RBs but the only offer I’m getting that’s somewhat reasonable is Jacobs. What do we think of him rest of season… He finally got work in the passing game against the bears but is that going to be the new norm or just a gameplan specific thing.

RBs - T.Coleman, J.Mixon, J.White, Sony
WRs - D.Adams, T.McLaurin, R.Anderson, M.Brown, AJ Green, J.Gordon

I wouldn’t make that trade.

What would you do about RB if were rolling out Tevin Coleman and James White as your RB1 and 2… if the trade was for someone like Nick chubb then Id do this in a heartbeat… but Adams cant pull anything top tier right now considering the vast majority of his value is attached to his name and his 1 good game this year… Im not sure why everyone is saying that we should expect more of what we saw against the eagles when that happens to be the packers only loss and only game where they featured the pass attack against arguably the worst secondary weve ever seen…

It isn’t ideal to have Coleman and White as your top 2 RBs, but I’ve seen worse. Adams appears to be a staple of your roster (when healthy of course). When he returns, he’ll be a stud. Did you watch the GB-Detroit game the other night? Every time the other GB receivers get a chance to step up they never take advantage of the opportunity. I’m sure Rodgers would have loved to have Adams out there on 1 foot if he could. When he gets back he’ll continue to eat like he did in the Thursday night game before he got hurt.