D. Adams or Kenny Golladay?

As of yet still questionable Adams against Minnesota D with a hobbled Rodgers…or Kenny G against SF?

That’s a hard one… a very hard one. I would lean towards Adams usually.

But, I am going Golladay. He posted an outrageous snapcount % in the blowout last week–93%. That’s higher than both Tate and Marvin Jones. It makes me wonder if he’s possibly the number one, but the coming weeks will give us that answer. Those 12 targets speak in favor of it. This could be a shootout as well.

Adams questionable mark will not hamper his ability to get open. Rhodes will be on him and that damn safety Minny has lurking around worries me. But it is Aaron Rodgers-- I am really liking a healthy Cobb this week and wonder if Allison could have a nice day as well.

With all that back and forth I just typed above, I really don’t see either being a bad choice though…

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