D Baldwin dropped

Doug Baldwin just got dropped and is on waivers. Do I drop Devante Parker, Ty Montgomery or Courtland Sutton for him?

I would drop anyone of those for him :beer:

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I recently dropped Courtland to pick up Mike Williams in a 14-team standard league. There is a lot of promise and talent but he didn’t see a lot of action week 1. Montgomery, on the other hand, may be all used up. When Aaron Jones gets back he plays 3rd fiddle and he hasn’t been practicing much fiddle (I’ve heard). I would keep Courtland and Davante and drop Ty (but it also depends on your RB depth). Whatever you do, don’t wait and grab Baldwin! IMO.

id probably drop montgomery. definitely depends on your rb depth but i would definitely pick up baldwin. do you have an IR spot?

Dude now has two jacked up knees that are probably going to bother him all season. I don’t know that you’re better off letting someone else pick him up and see who they drop. Could be worth the shot, but so are those other guys you mentioned, and they are healthy.

I’d drop sutton for him assuming this is a 12 man league. If its 10 man or less, probably better guys to target on waivers.

I am in the same situation, Doug was dropped.
I am already in a pretty good position at WR with Davante Adams, Emmanuel Sanders, Larry Fitzgerald, Robby Anderson and Sterling Shepard, its RB i am a little weak in.
I am debating dropping Shepard to take up Doug, but i dont know how much faab i should spend when i really need it to try and get a good RB
Another option would be to go all in and then try and trade up at RB, but thats a big gamble when i dont know how long his knees will be an issue.