D. Cook & C. Davis for Ridley & Lindsay

Just been offered D. Cook & C. Davis for Ridley & Lindsay. .5ppr Thought?

Nope, don’t do it.

Ridley is performing at a high level alongside Julio, and actually scoring where Julio isn’t. Cook is banged up and Minnesota just ain’t relying on him as much as they should, going to the air more to Diggs/Thielen/Rudolph. And with Cooks injuries, he’s missing a lot of playing time. Lindsey is def the safer and more consistent option to me

Take the trade… take the trade.

Give me Davis > Ridley ROS EASILY. By a mile.

The risk you take is cook is banged up but when healthy, he’s going to be a stud still. Although I do love Lindsay, the gap between Davis and Ridley for me is so large. I’m really curious to see by seasons end because Ridley is going to either be one of few players in NFL history to buck the trend of regression or he is going to regress so hard that all the Ridley buyers are going to look back to week 4 and think “WTF was i thinking”? My money is on the later. Here are some fun stats for you:

Ridley current has 60%+ of the teams TDs but is 3rd in snaps, yards, and targets. He has a TD rate of 62.5%. Most people are <10%, including the best WRs in the league. If that doesn’t scream regression to you, I don’t know what will. Matt ryan is also playing at his a level of production consistent with his 2016 MVP season. I love ryan and own him, but i don’t see that as remotely sustainable going forward. In this trade, you’re getting an RB2 with RB1 upside, a WR2 for a RB2/flex and someone who will likely be a WR3 by seasons end. You’re basically trading away Ridley at WR2. In no world do I think Ridley will be an every week WR2 from here on out.

Not to mention I highly doubt JJ finishes the season with zero TDs. Also, Freeman is back. Their best goal line weapon so he’s going to take away some of the red zone looks as well as the short area passes.

Sell high on ridley, just do it.

Interesting stats, and fair enough, I guess when you take into account regression like that, then you’re making the safe play by going Corey Davis.

But Lindsey has to be the week in, week out more consistent back no?. I’m a big Vikings fan, and even I am not confident in Cook just because we seem to fail at utilising him properly and he’s just so banged up and injury prone, Latavius Murray is there to take snaps away.

Yeah all the while, the reason why i was calling for a Corey davis breakout ever since week one is because he was rocking a 30%+ target share and 60%+ air yards share on the team. He still rocks a 33% market share today (league leading) and 40% of his team’s air yards. That trend is not going to reverse, he is the best weapon on their offense.

I agree with you that from a consistency stand point, Lindsay could def be the better play here. But honestly it all depends on healthy. If Cook is healthy, give me cook over Lindsay ROS. At the end of the day, lindsay is capped out at 50% of the snaps. Royce will always be a factor and much to my dismay, Denver coaching staff are morons and insist on playing Booker for god knows why.

On the flip side, when cook is healthy, he’s getting 70-80% of the snaps as we saw in week one. For me, I chase the volume and then the talent. Cook has both. That’s why i prefer cook. Having said that, if you’re 0-4 right now and you need wins right now, Lindsay is the play.

thanks guys. Id like to add that i have RBs: D. Johnson, D. Freeman, Brieda & R. Freeman and WRs: Evans, M. Jones, Enunwa, Allison & Garcon. I made accepted the trade. Worse case i just added some depth.