D.Cook for K.Drake/JuJu

I’m in a 12 team Dynasty league. 1pt ppr. We draft 20, but only keep 12 every year.

I’ve been offered D.Cook and 2.09 for K. Drake, JuJu Smith-Schuster and 1.10

would you do it?

My current rb are McCaffrey, Mixon and K.Drake
My wr are K.Allen, Juju, C.Davis, J.Gordon, K.Parker, S.Shepard, J.Edelman

I like the trade for you. It’s close but I’m big on Dalvin cook putting up rb1 production for a long time. And the dolphins won’t commit to drake being “the man”. Juju’s nice but you already have Allen and I think Corey davis’ Upside is higher than jujus. I like your lineup a lot more w cook, mccafrey, Allen, and Davis/Gordon

Thanks for the reply. I hate to lose juju, but i think i have more depth at wr, and would like to strengthen my rb. I talked to a few co-workers and they are big on juju and think it’s too much. but i’m leaning towards doing it.

Yea I like juju but cook could be one of the few workhorse backs if he stays healthy, huge upgrade over drake

I don’t like it, actually, but I’m very high on Drake. He was a stud down the stretch last year (seriously read the below link). I really don’t understand why people are so low on him. Gore and Ballage? These guys are just bodies. They weren’t going to go into the season with 1 RB on the roster. Gore is clearly not a legit starting RB anymore, and isn’t near the talent of Drake anymore and while Ballage is a great athlete, but worlds away from being legitimate competition.

I prefer the Drake, JuJu, and 1.10 side of this offer.

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