D.Cook&Mixon for Kamara&L.Miller

Who wins this trade in 14 team full PPR dynasty?

Kamara side.

14 Team league I will take the mixon/cook side…karma is the best player here but avg of cook/mixon will be higher then the avg of kamara/miller also miller is not long for a starting role 1-3 years… so you have longer span with mixon/cook…

another way to look at this would you trade 1.11/2.6 for 1.4/6.9 in a start up league…I prob would take the 1.11/2.6 side.

with it being dynasty I initially said Cook/Mixon because their future is bright, but Kamara can win you a championship. Cook/Mixon combined for 395 fantasy points in PPR last season. Kamara himself had 354.2 (40.8 difference). Miller was RB23 in PPR and added 172.6 fantasy points. That’s 526.8 vs 395 in favor of Kamara/Miller. I expect the same amount of production out of both Kamara & Miller with not much of an injury risk. Cook/Mixon I could see getting better and be in discussion of tier 2 RBs in the next 2-3 years but Cook brings injury concerns and Mixon plays on a team that has a terrible and beat up o-line and doesn’t look like the team will get any better in the near future. Because of that, I’d go Kamara/Miller side.