D. Cook offered For Lindsay and A. Jones

Dynasty league with four years left, was dealt Dalvin Cook for Lindsay and Aaron Jones, I have James Conner, kerryon, lesean, Jordan Howard as my other RBs

Don’t fully trust Lindsay to sustain a large workload with his body type. Plus they already have come out a few times about getting Royce significantly more touches. Love Jones but worry about a split backfield.

On the other hand, Dalvin is a stud and Minny has been saying they want to shift a little more to the run and focusing on their line.

Dalvin side all day.

Cook would be my preferred RB, but decently sure I would take the Lindsay Jones side of this deal. Cooks can be dynamic but he has had issues with staying on the field. Lindsay and Jones may not have guaranteed RB1 value always, but between what you have for RBs and those two, I take Lindsay and Jones.

Cook side all day- give me the guaranteed backfield, workload, volume, and talent. Aka, give me the best player in the trade.