D.Cook Trade value

Hey footclan!

I just got this trade offer for cook and need some advice.

Giving: Dalvin Cook

Receiving: ekeler, waddle.

It’s not a bad trade offer, but Idk. It sounds tempting to add depth to the bench. But losing a top 5 rb can hurt.

My current team:

Rb: cook, Harris, Ingram, Michel, Singletary, Jones Jr, Wilson Jr

WR: Hopkins, Lockett, Sutton, Mooney, Meyers

Should I full send and take it? Or move on. I have solid WR’s so waddle is just a depth add and flex play on bye weeks.

Nah I’m rejecting.

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Easy pass - Ekeler is a steep downgrade and Waddle isn’t even a guarantee to be flex-worthy.

If they’re not coming with an offer of two players in the top-10 or so at their position, I wouldn’t even consider.

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I’d pass. depth adds at this point in the season aren’t a great idea. You might not use Waddle for weeks, and when byes start I doubt that the difference between Waddle and a waiver wire flyer will come anywhere close to the gap between Cook and Ekeler. And if you really want Waddle there’s a decent chance he ends up on waivers during his bye if his owner needs to pick up someone

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Definitely not

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No way hard pass, you’re much better as you are. If Ekeler was collecting targets then it’s closer but he’s also dealing with a niggling hammy.

Cook is a top 2/3 overall player in all formats and should be valued accordingly. The price should be a high end RB2/low RB1 plus a solid WR2 at a minimum.

The price will likely be too high for most teams to pay, in the same way that going after CMC is usually too costly for the side trading for and it cripples their roster.

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