D. Freeman and Waller for D. Johnson

Is this giving too much?

If you can get David Johnson for that I would definitely take it. I personally have DJ and I wouldn’t be willing to let him go for those two.

Thanks…the first place team in our league needs some help at TE so I am hoping that persuaded him.

I’d say that is pretty fair. You’re downgrading at TE, but if your options on waivers are decent then I think the obvious upgrade at RB is well worth the TE downgrade

Thanks…I have Andrews and Walker at TE…so I should be covered at TE.

Pull the trigger. Old man Delanie Walker is still getting it done and should be Top 8-10

I actually meant to type Waller, but I will assume that Walker and Waller can be considered equals at least. I am keeping Andrews moving forward as my lone TE.

In fact, this is all being done to package Freeman off to another team and get something meaningful in return.