D. Freeman + McLaurin for Gurley?

Thoughts? Standard scoring. Team would become:


C. Thompson
M. Brown

D.J. Moore
Ross III
D. Robinson

V. McDonald


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Worth mentioning the owner I’m looking to trade with is also willing to part with James Conner instead of Gurley. Conner or Gurley ROS?

Also, TJ Hockenson has been dropped. Worth dropping Vance to pick him up? Thanks

I am down on Freeman, Gurley and Conner but would still prefer Conner of the bunch.

I’ve been trying to trade for Gurley on the cheap myself. I’m not as low on him as the guys are. Obviously there is huge risk built in. But Clearly the Rams offense is lacking something right now, and I think they’ll figure out ways to get him more touches. However all that being said i think if he’s willing to part ways with Conner for those two. Then that’s your smartest move

Thanks, do you think Freeman + McLaurin is a fair outlay for Conner? I’m confident I can get it done.

I think so. I mean if you could get another receiver out of the deal then great. But I think the upside for Conner is still there while my confidence in Freeman is not very high… (Also a freeman owner. and just offloaded him and robert woods for Sterling Shep and AJ green)

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Ouch…I’m a freeman and woods owner and while disappointed not ready to sell that low

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