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D.Freeman trade help!


Would u go after Freeman since he is coming back??? I’m thinking of offering AP/Lynch and Ridley/Edelman of the four which two would u choose??


I’d definitely go after Freeman but I don’t think I’d give up two of those guys for him. I’d probably try AP straight up first, then Ridley straight up, and if you’d need to package two, I’d go AP & Edelman.


What if I just offer them two right away still good?


I don’t think these combos make very much sense for Freeman from what we know right now. If you are gambling or the rest of your team is amazing, then I think it is a good gamble to take. Otherwise, this is really risky on an injury prone guy.

That being said, if you can get him for AP straight up, I think that would be superb. Otherwise, I would need to know your team to give an informed response.


Agree with @bucknit21 I’m not giving up 2 of those 3. He’s way too much of an injury risk for me. I’d try 1: 1 with Ridley. If you’re high on Freeman, you can hold out hope your trade partner chases Ridley’s TDs.


I got offered Miller and Coleman for AP and Edelman instead idk if I’m gonna take it plus I’m taking the risk with Freeman


THis team has both Freeman and Coleman you’re saying?


Yea they offer Coleman and Miller idk about Coleman since Freeman was out he hasn’t played too good plus I only wanted Freeman based on hoping he wouldn’t get hurt anymore. I already have Kamara Hyde Lynch AP and Lewis with Adams Gordon Ridley Edelman Cole and Coutee as my WRs


Oh word. That changes everything. But yes not Coleman and Miller, that is no good.


I would go after Freeman/Coleman with Hyde/ AP personally. I think you ought to keep Edelman.


Yea only thing is I have Gordon and Edelman id rather not have both especially since I have Gronk too!


Does the other team want anythig in particular?


He wants WRs cuz his only good one is AB but wants Edelman more than any


The problem is you are not weak at RB at all and you are thin at WR and don’t know Gordon’s value yet, which could be huge. But need Edelman in case it isn’t huge. If you want Freeman more than Gordon you could offer that straight up. Maybe Gordon/Lewis


Would u trade any RBs for another WR or maybe even pair say AP or Lewis with a Ridley or Cole to hopefully get a WR2? Or should I shoot higher? I could maybe sell high on Ridley and the fact that AP has played good and is coming off of a bye week


So AP/Ridley? For that, I would need a WR 1. Or two low end WR1’s or two high WR2’s I’d say. Ridley is really good. If you are gonna deal him, you should be thinking that he’ll have a 65/850/10TD season.


I am pretty much trying to leave your starting lineup unchanged as much as possible because it is really strong as it is aside from not knowing how Gordon will be.


I agree I’m just trying to get some people to trade away good players to me while they’re panicking about their records haha


Haha as you should. I need to do the same thing. I just think the ones you’ve been offered/have thought about are giving up too much to be considered a win for your team, so far at least.


Yea I get what u mean thanks for the help!