D. Freeman+Woods for Bell

I was thinking of trading Freeman and Robert Woods for Bell and didn’t know if I was underpaying or overpaying for him. I already messaged the owner and he agreed to it, but I’m second-guessing it.

My other RBs: Barkley, Coleman, Sanders, C. Thompson
My WRs: Lockett, Fitz, Westbrook, M. Jones Jr

I definitely think you’re upgrading at rb and don’t mind losing woods from that group of wr. I just traded Freeman and Aj green for Hopkins just to give you some more freeman trade context. Yea I’m trying to look for a downside but I like the trade for you.

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I like the Freeman/Green for Hopkins trade, especially if Green is in no rush of coming back. Essentially a one-for-one.

Yea Green was taking up a bench spot more than anything else so lowkey glad I could offload him. I just know he’ll it’ll come back to bite me somehow.

Eh, as long as you upgrade your own team, that’s what matters

Update: I just traded Freeman for Bell straight up!

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I definitely think you won that my man lets hope things work out for us.

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Sure hope so. Best of luck!