D. Freeman's value ROS

What is his value ROS at this point. Should I trying to get whatever I can for him? My team is 8-0 right now possibly dropping to 8-1 depending on tonight. Should I stay the course or try to move him for something. I just lost Watson, but my team is as following. Full point PPR.

QB Cousins
RB Bell, Freeman, TY Mont, Abdullah, Drake
WR K Allen, D Thomas, Jeffery, D Parker, Hogan, C Davis
TE Ertz, Cook


If you really want to move him, you could package him with one of your WRs for good return. I’m holding him, but the way he is getting used has got me worried. I’d move him if you can get an RB1 in return.

I definitely don’t understand his usage for sure. He is averaging 4+ ypc every game, but getting 10 carries. It worries me for sure as I am very thin at RB.

Yeah I’m in the same boat. He’s an every week starter along with Fournette for me. I’ll be 9-0 after this week, but if his usage continues this way I’ll get bounced out of the playoffs early. Considering shopping him this week with a bench WR to try and get value.

I agree. I just have a had time finding who I want to go after as we have a keeper league and I already have Bell to keep. I may try to go after Fournette

Solid target, but may be out of the price range that you’re willing to pay. I’m considering going after Ingram for Freeman. Already have Julio and need to diversify my roster.

That’s true, plus I know the Fournette owner listens to the Ballers so he is smarter than the average player. Ha. I tried to get Kamara for Jeffery last week, but he didn’t go for it.

I’ve been trying to get Kamara all year. I play with a bunch of Tennessee Vol fans. He was drafted by the 9th round lol.

Haha, I’m a Vol too. That’s where I went to college so I understand.

Small world. We’ve all either attended or been fans for years. Good luck rest of season. Oh, and fire Butch!

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I think you kind of have to hold him and hope Sark is fired at this point. He’s a great player who’s not being used appropriately because his OC is a moron.

Even so, he’s still been a weekly starter.

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I agree, I think I actually worked out a trade for kamara and keeping Freeman.