D. Henry trade potential

Would you guys accept Ertz and hollywood for henry or possibly Andrews and tyrell Williams for henry. Not to worried about the line ups just more seeing if anyone thinks its fair value?

I would keep the RB

I think id lean that way to but if the team giving henry is WR/TE needy is it a fair offer?

as far as im concered if two people agree on a trade and they both think they are getting value it does not matter if it is “fair”.

If the henry team is deep at RB and they really need WR and TE then that is fine. But henry still is the best player in the deal and i hate giving up the best player lol

I mean the guy with henry isnt a football buff and i dont want other owners to feel like im trying to take advantage of him with some low ball terrible offer. cbs trade value has henry as a 26, tyrell 11 and andrews 16 so 27 and then the brown and ertz would be a 26 value according to that but i dont know how much people actually trust those values

I suppose i could add like mostert to it to give a rb back in it
hes got both aaron jones and henry on bye this week.
Julio and dede are his starting wr with the next best being james washington…

if you can swing it, swing it. forcing people to trade players when they have bye issues is part of the game. if you can take advantage of that absolutely do it.

just dont wanna hear a bunch of complaining about trying to take advantage of a guy who doesnt really know much. So im doing my best to try and make it fair while getting the rb i need. We have a dumb veto ability so if it looks to one sided im sure people will veto however we are both tied for 2nd place so its not like 1st and last place trading

Do it. if it gets vetoed it gets vetoed. Then you should convince your league that vetoes are terrible and should only be used if there is 100% collusion. haha

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It is a league of all good friends so part of it is not pissing everyone off but i think your right so if it was you which pair would you offer? ertz and brown or andrews and tyrell

i would start lower and trade away ertz and tyrell actually. Tyrell is becoming less and less involved

i dont mind that but thatd leave me with trying to play two ravens pass catchers and ertz end of season schedule looks really good. would you be worried about trying to decide every week if you can play brown having andrews locked in

Tyrell does seem to be looking less and less involved