D. HOPKINS dare I bench him?

TJ Yates QB, going up against the vaunted JAX defense! I have valid reasons to be extremely concerned.
I could start either Diggs, R Anderson, or J Gordon in my WR spot. My other WR is AJ Green (in my opinion AJ Geeen is matchup proof and you can’t ever bench him).
So Hopkins is kind of a number 2 WR for me.

J Gordon is the only one i might now that Robby Andersons QB is injured. Diggs is only a high upside play as he might get you 4 points or 24 points .

But the answer to your question is NO…
I wouldnt bench him.

Do I think he will get 26 points like last week .heck no… but will he get 9-12 points heck Yes .

That’s my opinion… hopefully you get some others as well

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