D. Hopkins for Sony Michel & Keenan Allen. Full point PPR

Hey guys,

I have been offered Sony Michel and Keenan Allen for Deandre Hopkins.

My RBs are:
M. Breida
Fournette & Yeldon
J. Howard


What’s your record?

Here’s what I would do.
Take the trade, so now you’d be looking at.

RB: Michel, Breida, Fournette, Yeldon, Howard
WR: Thielen, Allen, Kupp, ARob, Snead, Sutton

Then, you trade Fournette, Yeldon, Sutton/ ARob for a better RB1 that takes advantage of PPR.
Then trade Howard + ARob/ Sutton for a mid - low WR2 or RB2, depending on what you would feel better with.

Could even do Howard + Kupp and see if you could get a low end WR1 since you’d have Michel and a possible RB1 already.

Would look something like

RB: Michel, RB1, Breida, possible RB2
WR: Thielen, Allen, Kupp, Snead

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Always making moves and trying to improve! Just like me, loved the feedback man

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Agree with the above! You need more RB depth. Once Michel comes back he’s going to put up numbers again! Keep looking forward make moves that benefit your team. Hopefully your league is more privy to trades than mine.

If your going to give up Hopkins the asking price should be higher than Allen+Michel. I think you could get Michel for Kupp straight up or package Kupp with any of your RBs to get a legit RB1 in the range of Mixon/CMC. Keep in mind who has had by weeks unelss you got the playoffs locked up already. I presonally would try to make moves to get a legit RB1 without having to give up Hopkins/Thielen but if you do have to give one of them up better make it a legit RB1.