D. Hopkins worth?

Hey boys (and ladies?)

Would love to get some opinions on this.

I was just messaged by a leaguemate asking what my price is for D. Hopkins.

We are both 3-2, in a 12 man full point PPR.

My roster:
QB: Cam Newton
RB: Michele, Lindsey, Drake, Lewis, Barber(dropping for waiver pickup)
WR: OBJ, Hopkins, Gordon, Lockette, Cole
TE: Cook, Reed

His Roster
QB: Big Ben, Baker
RB: Mixon, Conner, Howard, Riddick, Bell
WR: Cooks, Kupp, Tate, Benjamin, Taylor
TE: Burton, Goedert

Now i want to start by saying that my gut instinct is to stay put, as i think i’m in a fairly good position right now.

That being said, is there any trades of value to be made here?

The offer i was thinking about would be hopkins for Bell+Kupp, but don’t think that’s enough (for him, not me lol)

What do you guys think?

id ask for mixon or howard + a wr like kupp or tate…
Nuke is a top 5 wr rest of season, and you friend is the one going after the trade, so you have leverage asking for this… maybe if this is too much for him, try throwing lewis or maybe drake… i wouldnt take less than this for hopkins

Thanks for the response bud, if you think all i could get would be mixon + kupp than i think my initial reaction of just staying put is the better choice.

Would love some more feedback though guys

bump for some love