D.J. Chark @ Cinci or John Brown @ Miami?

Chark coming off a stinker week, Brown coming off a bye and facing the hapless Dolphins. Rankings say Chark, but the match-up is making this a hard decision!

Chark 100% no doubt. Cincy is nearly as bad as Miami and Chark is way better.

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agreed ^^^^^

Chark, im waiting to see one more good game from brown before throwing him in over a guy like chark, the Bills have a great slate coming up in the next 4-5 weeks.

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with miami being on the plate just a few weeks from now. been flipping between him or cooks as my flex, but this might just give me pause and let brown get his feet.

I like Chark too, I think there’s an injury with his opposing Dbacks too. Brown has similar high ceiling with this game, but floor is much lower / more risk because of possibility they just run it down Miami’s throat all game.