D.J. Moore or sterling shepard?

Who do you guys like better this week?

I like Moore but check on Cam’s status before the game.


Even with Odell out. Hmm, wash has one of the worst pass defenses, there always getting torched by wideouts, and cams arm is a real problem. Just my 2 cents. I’m actually considering picking up Sterling off of waivers myself. It is risky though only because he hasn’t shown a whole lot of upside this year. Kind of stinks its in wash. too. But the extra targets have to go somewhere and I believe this should give Shepard a decent floor. There are so many other mouths to feed in Carolina. To me Moore is boom or bust. However Carolina has something play for. Both guys have great matchups. Me, I would go Shepard but I wouldnt feel great about it.


Yeah…that’s where my thoughts are concerning CAR. They’re fighting hard right now, and even tho they’re prob gonna try to push the run more than the air yards, they’re gonna do WTH they have to do. So…I’m not gonna be surprised with DJ either way. Just thinking there’s a very good chance they’re gonna have to resort to the pass, which vs Wash is usually a good thing.

(Just edited that cuz I apparently read something wrong initially and as @superclass mentioned…Wash is terrible vs air balls.)

LOL…I just narrowly missed getting a BYE this week, so been sitting good for weeks now. BUT…DADGUMMIT…this is now the P/O’s. One bad game and you’re done!!! I almost hate making the P/O’s as much as I treasure it!!! LOL :cold_sweat:

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DJ is a horrible route runner. He’s getting better but agree, boom or bust. It also does not help that he plays mostly on grass like this weekend so his routes are even less crisp. I would not be surprised at all if Funchess wins out this weekend if he is healthy. Cam trust him when he’s healthy. Never understood why they drafted him. He needs to be in a dome. His best game by far was in Detroit. Awful pick by them. I would not trust him right now. I rolled him out once and seen enough. He needs a lot of work.

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