D Jax or Watkins?

In a standard redraft league
D Jax or Watkins as my WR5??
I also have Dallas Goedert on my team, with Alshon Jefferys on waivers.
Thoughts footclan?

It pains me to say it but I think you stick with the Lizard King. The Eagles O-line is in bad shape so Wentz won’t have as much time in the pocket to throw those deep balls to D Jax. Goeddart Ertz, and Sanders are likely to receive the bulk of Wentz passes this year. Yes, he will probably have a few standout games but those will be too few and far between to make him a reliable start. Watkins probably has a better floor on a week to week basis. I assume this is really just bench depth so Watkins is probably a better bye week fill in than D Jax.

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