D. Johnson for D. Freeman + D. Cook, who wins?

So, in my standard 12-team league, someone just accepted this offer:

Devonta Freeman(rb - atl), Dalvin Cook(rb - min), Benjamin Watson(te - no) and Doug Baldwin(wr - sea)
David Johnson(rb-ari), Jamaal Williams(rb - gb) and tyler eifert(te - cin)

This feels like the most stupid trade of all time, am i wrong? I mean, freeman has coleman, cook is probably a top 15 and doug baldwin will not play for the next 3 to 4 weeks… Meanwhile david johnson is easily a top4 rb and jamaal williams is going to be heavily utilized once the packers get some points up on the opponents, different from the bears game where they were -20…

I guess this is why fantasy football is fun. I think I would much rather have Freeman Cook & Baldwin side of the trade. Sure I am giving up a top 5 RB but I can slide Cook in as a low end but safe RB1 and Freeman in as high level RB2 and give it 3 weeks and Baldwin has the capability of being a WR1.

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The fact that Dalvin didnt do anything week 1 and the split was only slightly in his favor, I honestly would want the David Johnson side.

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