D. Johnson trade?

Should I go after Johnson since he’s had two bad weeks??? These are my players
QBs: Cousins/Mahomes
RBs: Kamara/Lewis/Hyde/AP/Lynch/Carson
WRs: Adams/Gordon/Cole/Godwin
TE: Gronk

If you could package like Ap/Cole or something redic for Dj for sure.

You have plenty of RB depth and could use a WR upgrade, if anything. Your team is strong as is though.

Should I look to trade away Edelman for a WR?

You wouldn’t be ill-advised to package Edelman and an RB (other than Kamara) for a higher-end RB or WR.

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I was thinking for WR maybe Hilton Thielen or Cooks and RB Mixon Howard Miller maybe even LeVeon??