D.Johnson Trade

Looking to trade DJ, I am not sure who else to offer him with.
Here’s my team…
RBs- DJ, T.Yeldon, A.Jones, N.Hines, A.Collins, L.Miller, T.Coleman

WRs- K. Allen, A.Theilen, E.Sanders, K.Stills, G. Allison


So you are pretty thin at wr, but they are replace assets at the end so I don’t know if they have much trade value. If you can package stills or allison and get a top end back do it, but I doubt it. Will probably have to pakckage a Hines or Miller/Collins and I am more than happy to do that.

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what are you trying to acquire…

You’re right I am not in the best spot with WRs, I would like to keep them if possible. Demaryius Thomas is on waivers this week, so I am going to try and pick him up.

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I’m trying to get E. Elliot

Would DJ+ Miller for Kamara or Elliot be fair?

Really depends on their roster construction but it isn’t a bad trade.

The guy with Kamara needs RBs esp. since hes on Bye this week.

I think it is a good trade for you, and potentially a good trade for him, just depends on his team and record in the league.

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