D.K. Metcalf or 1.03? 12 team Dynasty

I have Godwin, diggs, Brandon Cooks, and Robby Anderson as my other serviceable WRS. RB I have Barkley, Singletary, next best was Freeman soooo I need help at RB.

I am wondering should I be getting more for DK? or am I overvaluing him?

I also have the 1.05 so I am probably going to two rbs in first round.

Although I like Robby Anderson, there’s no guarantee he doesn’t get himself into off-field trouble. Not a fan of Cooks. So I don’t think your WR corps is as deep as it needs to be. I would not trade DK Metcalf for the 1.03; I would ask for more. That said, I would prefer to keep Metcalf and go RB at 1.05. At 1.05, you are set for some serious RB futures.

Thank you for the reply! So just to throw you some information. The first two picks will be CEH and Taylor. The guy at the 1.01 is be Chiefs fan and said he IS taking CEH and traded up to do so and the guy at 1.02 taking talyor(based off of talking rookies with him for that last 3 weeks). SOOO that will leave my pick at any RB and then whatever WR after the 1.04. So I could get a RB at 1.03(Dobbins or Swift) there and at the 1.05 get a WR(Jeudy or Lamb or Reagor).