D. Knox or K. Pitts

I picked up Dawson Knox this week out of frustration with Kyle Pitts’ slow start but now Mr. Pitts looks like a great play with so many wide receivers out for Atlanta. Soooo…start Pitts in London or Knox away in KC?

Both seem like excellent starts. I’m leaning toward Pitts because I’d hate to miss out on a good game from him at long last!!! I’m also starting Cordarelle Patterson and apparently the Jets are so easy to run on, receivers aren’t very necessary to win, which complicates the choice. Maybe better to diversify and start two guys from different teams? So Dawson Knox in combination with Cordarelle Patterson? Help meeeee. :wink:

I like your argument of not having many receivers available making a good case for a Pitts breakout, but just for the reason you said at the end (diversifying your team) i would lean Knox this week. Bills vs KC should be a high-scoring affair and lead to plenty of opportunities for red zone looks for Knox.

Atlanta and Jets on the other hand, both teams having very bad starts to the season coupled with taking a flight halfway across the world to London could spell a very low scoring affair.

Just my 2 cents