D. Lewis for D. Cook

Would it be smart for me to trade
Deion Lewis for Dalvin Cook?

If someone has agreed to that then i’d pull the trigger before they change their mind, if it’s dynasty. If not then depends on the rest of your squad to a degree but Cook if he’s back from his injury all the way was looking like a stud RB for the foreseeable future

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Yes… 1000 times yes.

Yah man, if that’s a real option for you, accept right away.

Take cook in any format

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Hurry and accept that trade!

Is this a serious question? Absolutely take Cook.

out of curiosity, what is your hold up? are you just suspicious, or do you have lewis ranked higher? cause for me its easy. take the young dynamic back, over the older one. who is on a worse team, and has more injury concerns. im just super curious as to what is stopping you. and even more curious as to who would offer this.