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D Martin for M Gillislee....fair / not fair? (Full ppr)


Is this a fair trade–even with the suspension? Gillislee is on my bench, ive got decent depth with McCoy, Powell, Mixon, Gore, Sproles already


I personally love Martin, after his suspension. He will be fresh and primed to go. His bye week is already over and they are trying to limit Jamis mistakes so I think they will run a ton. I’d obviously rather make this trade in a week or two in case you need Gillislee, but it’s minor at this point. I’d pull the trigger.


I like Martin as well, Gillislee is going to be up and down every week, Martin should be pretty consistent once he returns. I think you can get something better for Martin. I have him on my bench as well, I’m trying to trade him for a premium player in a package deal to a team that is hurting at running back.