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D. Martin Trade...Thoughts?


Looking to trade for D. Martin, would you do D. Murray and D. Henry for D. Martin?

My other RBs are K. Hunt, Le. Fournette and D. Cook.

Looking to offload Murray because of the RBBC and just taking a shot on Martin who could be great.

Should I do it? Thanks footclan!


Man you’ve got the Titans backfield. They have a top 5 O-line. Stay with them and you’ll end up with a RB1.


I would agree with @Romark87, plus don’t think Martin would be worth both Murray and Henry, do you have a 3rd fourth receiver you could move for him?


My receivers are A. Cooper, AJ Green (Just traded for him last week and couldnt be happier) and Alshon Jefferey


@rneal11 sorry for the long delay, I would see if the Martin owner would take Jeffrey


I love Martin, but I think that’s a downgrade.