D. Murray for McKinnon

Hey guys! Long time lurker, first time poster. Thanks for all of your advice and input!

Demarco Murray is driving me crazy with this hamstring and splitting time with Henry. Is it crazy to give up Murray for McKinnon? Standard scoring.

Thanks in advance!

This is a tough one! I was just offered Murray for McKinnon and it’s making my brain hurt.

I’m right there with you as I have DeMarco murray and i’d have to say if I was offered McKinnon i’d take it.

D. Murray and J. McKinnon owner here.

Even though Murray has a hamstring injury, I’m planning on firing him up if he plans on playing this week. I sat him the week he wasn’t practicing and he ripped off that long TD run.

Murray is on his last year of contract and believe he will be the work horse and Henry will be the 4th quarter bruiser. Even though it’s a time share with formations and number of plays, Murray will probably get more touches.

Mckinnon on the other hand probably reached his ceiling. I am currently trying to trade him and another piece for Julio. I had him last year and was burned by him. I still don’t believe his ‘sparq’ score hype.

remember don’t let your emotions from past years sway your decision. I personally would rather have Mckinnon ROS. try and trade DeMarco in pkg for Julio maybe

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