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D. Murray for TY Hilton


Was offered TY Hilton for D. Murray, thoughts? This is a 1 point ppr league.


Gonna need information on your roster


Murray, McCoy, Miller, Buck Allen
Nelson, Sanders, Amendola, Jackson, Pryor, Kupp, Kearse


Ahhhh this is a tough one. But every trade involving hilton and murray often is.

I have to say that down the road, and it won’t be this week against jax, I see hilton being more valuable than murray, even if luck doesn’t come back soon. He racks up incredible yardage and has outstanding intangibles.

Murray looks slow, his injury is very apparent, and henry is getting half of murrays carries. Having said that, I still don’t think either of them are that reliable.

My verdict is that you take hilton either this or next week, where he should still be low on the price, cause it’s only up from there. Murray is a bigger risk than Hilton.


Murray has been a huge bust this year and since the rodgers injury I dont think Nelson will be doing a whole lot, with sanders out for now as well I am in need of a decent wr.

Luck is scheduled to maybe come back week 8 so there might be hope with Hilton lol