D' Onta Foreman

I’m struggling at RB, I have
David Johnson,Dion Lewis, Alex Collins and Kerryon Johnson.
My question is would you drop any of these guys and pick up Foreman. I’m 5 on waivers next week and I’m pretty sure he gets picked up next week

Sorry add Clement to that list

I’m considering dropping Collin’s for Foreman as well. Collin’s has a favourable schedule during my leagues play-offs though so I’m leaning towards keeping him. I’d prob drop Kerryon for Foreman. I have Gurley, Ingram and McCaffrey ahead of Collin’s, and Aaron Jones.

Would be good to hear some other perspective.

No. 2 words. Torn Achilles.

If you don’t need a RB, then I wouldn’t mess with it. Reports are he’s running well. He’s a gamble though. There’s no way to expect he’d perform better than what you have. He could, one never knows, but unless you have a spot open to fill, he can land on someone else’s roster.

At the very least I will drop a receiver, I always have a hard time dropping running back’s when they could become a starter

I am on the Foreman bus. I would drop Dion Lewis but he is still viable if you need him, I couldn’t play Dion… I’d let go of dead weight be a WR… 2 QB TE or D?