D. Parker PPR

Who else is on the Devonte Parker train with me? I can’t bring myself to say that Danny Amendola or Albert Wilson will take an absurd amount of targets and Stills has always been the same guy.

I need to know some good facts I can throw at my league to get them on the same page.

2 weeks till training camp !!! LFG

No thanks. I think Stills is a better player (extremely underrated) and a lot of those targets are going to go Amendola/Wilson (Wilson especially), whether or not you can bring yourself to say so. I also expect Drake to have a significant pass catching role.

I’m not a believer in Parker. Has shown nothing for me to believe he can compete at a high level in the NFL. I remember I saw some graphic from Parker supporters saying how his stats aren’t good only when facing press/man from good corners in the league. Duh? That’s what it takes to be a good receiver to be in the NFL and parker ain’t it.

Mike Tagliere had a decent write-up on Parker recently. So give that a look if you’re interested. I agreed with most of his analysis. Plenty of targets to be had and the splits with Tannehill are good. Reports out of OTAs say his discipline issues have improved.

If he stays healthy I think he has top 15 potential. Should still be a solid WR3/FLEX at worst. Definitely worth a pick in the ~7th IMO.