D Robinson or Mecole... who takes the hit when Hill returns

Both have been shining in his absence, but who takes the biggest hit when Hill comes back?

Both Mahomes and KC last year very rarely produced a consistent 3rd WR. Right now Kelce has been mediocre and they have 0 running game. When Hill comes back it should open up the field to make Kelce the #2 or #3 option again, with consistency. And, around week 5 when Hill comes back, Damien Williams should be healthy too. This gives them at least some volume at running the ball.
Hill will dominate targets
Kelce will get his
Watkins will be the third
And they will run the ball more

Outside of a big play, I don’t think either guy is reliable and will only see 3-4 targets a game. Because of the lack of targets, give me Mecole. I don’t ever plan to start either once Hill is back; but, if you do, you’re hoping for a big play because of the low target share

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yeah, i was thinking both were taking a dip, was gonna look to maybe package Robinson in with another WR and upgrade.

Robinson + (Tyrell, Curtis Samuel) for Lockett or Hopkins.

The owner has AB… and then past that its Tyler Boyd, Hopkins, and Lockett

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