D Smith or Corey Davis

Want to offer one of those guys for Damien Harris because I am thin at RB and Clyde EH is starting to worry me. Who would you rather have ROS? full point PPR

I wouldn’t give up a team’s WR1 for a handcuff. I think you could give less or try for someone higher up for one of those receivers.

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Yeah, pick up someone like Brandon Zylstra and offer him instead.

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that was a mistype haha sorry I meant Damien Harris

Then yes, I would do that. Not sure the other team will.

yeah they are deep at RB and hurting at WR so figured I would give it a shot. Would look a lot better if both my guys didnt dud this weekend. Do you prefer Davis or Smith ROS, or are they about even?

I think D. Smith has a better opportunity with a better offense and better QB. I really like Davis, but he will probably have bigger ups and downs.