D/ST and RB/WR Questions

I was wondering if anyone had any insight about playing players on teams that are facing the defense you want to stream this week. For example, I have Baltimores D/ST but they play Tennesse this week and was thinking about picking up the Washington D/ST but I have Tee Higgins who plays against them this week. Any advice on what I should do? Also by the same token how do you feel about playing an RB and a WR (or a TE) from the same team? I’ve always shied away from it but might be swayed with what’s on the waiver wire. Thank you in advance for any advice it truly helps.

I wouldn’t worry about it. You’re not expecting the dst to put up zeros so play your stud guys and use dst with opportunity for sacks and turnovers

RB and WR/TE on the same team I’m not against it. If you think that combo gets more points than the other options is all I use. Its probably just negative reinforcement that each time such a thing flops for players it’s easily remembered.