D/ST for the playoffs, need to choose 2: Texans, Patriots or Broncos?

Im rostering the broncos for the playoffs(WK15 and 16, because i got my bye already)
And ive been playing the Texans for this past weeks, but now i saw their schedule and it’s juicy. Also The patriots are on the waivers and they face buffalo week 16. So my question is: if you could keep 2 defenses for the playoffs on your roster to use one wk15 and the other wk16, who would you take?

TEAM: WK 15/WK 16

Im thinking maybe drop the broncos, play the texans against the jets wk15 and then play the patriots vs bills week 16? Or keep the broncos for that final round against oakland? Keep in mind that Denver will probably be playing for nothing in the final weeks, and pats and texas will be fighting for playoffs spot or playoff seed

any ideas?

I snagged the Texans a few weeks ago and have recently been considering having 2 D/STs too. I don’t have much bench space though so I’ll probably just stick with them or hope there is a good matchup in waivers around that time. If I had to pick two, I’d go Texans and Pats.

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