D/ST & Kicker early option

Hey Guys,

I wanted to draft a great defense with a good opening schedule that I wont have to stream and help me rack up a few points. last year I went with the steelers for the first 5 weeks and they did great. I forgot what website I found the SOS for D/st with the most favorable match-ups but wanted to see if you guys can help.



Basically, Im looking for a middle tiered team that will be available with my last pick. If you guys have kicker recommendations that would be great too.


my go to right now is the saints. 1st 2 games should be pretty damn good for them, and they have a good shot at being a top 10 top 5 D. i would bank on them being 10 if anything but there is still risk involved, just not the 1st 2 weeks with bucs and browns.

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Saints or the lions have a damn good schedule to start…

Agree w/Buster here. What you think about the Ravens if someone takes Saints slightly early?

I think similar ish situation. I think their cap on defensive finish is lower than the saints, but it’s hard to deny that they match up well defensively against 2 bad ish teams. Bill’s and Bengals I have low expectations for.

I’ve tried this many times and it’s REALLY easy to wiff on such a choice. My only suggestion is whatever you do, don’t burn any draft capital on it.
Steelers play the Browns week 1 tho.