D/ST stream this week

Eagles, Redskins or other?

I went with the steelers over the redskins. tough decision for me though

I went Skins. Not my favorite pick up but I just grabbed Chargers for next several weeks after that.

Eli is always good to get sacked a few times and maybe for a turnover or three.

Patriots or Cardinals would also be great plays if they’re available, but if not I’d go with the Skins. Bortles THRIVES in London. He scored 44 on the Ravens last year and they were like the best defense in football not named the Jags. You can’t go wrong plugging in a defense in a rivalry game against Eli

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Pats are looking strong. Cardinals should bounce back in a low scoring game.

I’m going with the chiefs as they have been improving each week

I think the colts are a sneaky play this week, with no lynch or cooper and the raiders just are bad on top of that.